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Stratford Park Golf Club follows the guidelines given by England Golf for the retention/lapse of handicap published in the 2016 - 2018 C.O.N.G.U. Unified Handicapping System and also the CONGU 2018 introduction of new Handicaps up to 54 in Divisions 5 and 6 for both men and women.

This states that a member is required to submit 3 qualifying scores in each 12 month period from January 1st.(changed in 2017 from March 1st to the calendar year i.e. January 1 to December 31) to maintain a COMPETITION handicap. This will be noted by a letter 'c' after their handicap. Failure to do this may mean that they are ineligible to play in C.O.N.G.U. Competitions.

From 2018, regardless of the number of qualifying scores returned in the previous year, members in all handicap categories are now able to return any number of “SUPPLEMENTARY” scores within the 12 month period from January 1st. Supplementary and Away qualifying competitions are accepted as part of the 3 qualifying scores. There is no limit on the number of scores that can be returned each week.

A handicap not marked with the letter 'c' can still be used for social golf and those competitions for which a competition handicap is not an entry condition. 

a) On January 1st each year, the handicaps of all members who have not returned 3 qualifying scores in the previous 12 months will not be marked 'c' unless there are mitigating circumstances such as sickness or incapacity.

b) A member, new to golf, will, following submission of 3 scores for the purpose of obtaining a handicap, each over 18 holes from the yellow or red tees at Ingon Manor, marked and signed by a responsible person acceptable to the Handicap Committee, will receive a COMPETITION handicap marked 'c' . From 2012, handicaps can be obtained by submitting scores over 9 holes from each half of the course separately but the total submission must be over 54 holes.

c) A new member with or without a COMPETITION handicap being transferred from another club within 6 months of leaving their previous club may have the same handicap reinstated on production of a Handicap Certificate with Playing Record and their EG CDH I.D. number.

c.1) A new member applying to transfer a handicap after more than 6 months of leaving their previous club will be required to submit 3 cards as (b) but full consideration of their previous handicap will be given in allotting a COMPETITION handicap.


Members must submit 3 qualifying scores which, as scores returned in competitions will not be included in the CSS calculation and are not allowed to win prizes, will be processed as SUPPLEMENTARY scores. To return a supplementary score see the Supplementary Score note.


A player intending to return a SUPPLEMENTARY SCORE, either Medal or Stableford, must have signified their intention prior to commencement of play and paid the requisite fee in the Proshop. At the end of the round, the completed card must be left in the box at the Proshop.


For 2014 Stratford Park requires members to have a COMPETITION (c) handicap to be eligible to play in BOARD competitions and also requires members to have played in a minimum of 3 handicap qualifying competitions at Stratford Park within the 12 months prior to the date of a board competition to qualify for entry. Qualifying round details are displayed in the locker room.


Handicap qualifying competitions are any competition played with full handicap allowance off the white, yellow tees or red tees (ladies) and stated as such. Away qualifying competitions will also be taken into account.


As from January 1 2017, players are required to return all scores in competitive golf in Non-Qualifying Competitions away from the players home club to assist the handicap committee in the handicap review. 


To comply with the rules of the Club and the CONGU Unified Handicapping System, members must:

  1. ensure that, having entered into any club or qualifying competition, their entry has been inserted in the entry list and all entry fees have been paid before commencing play;

  2. ensure their correct playing handicap is marked on the card;

  3. ensure that all competition cards, whether or not complete, are returned to the organising committee;

  4. report to the club all qualifying scores (including no returns) returned away from their home club.

  5. In a qualifying score round, holes must be played in consecutive order from the starting point. Competitors should normally start from the first tee unless either identified previously in the competition rules or approved as a 10th tee start by the Golf Shop/ Professional team inthe interest of improving the pace of play.

Withdrawal of an entry from a competition must be made at least 24 hours before competition date and in cases of non-attendance on competition day, it should be clearly understood that the entry fee for the competition is still due. In cases when draws have been made and prizes pre-purchased, members failing to turn up will be asked to pay the entry fee and may be subject to disciplinary procedure.

Members leaving the course during a competition round, unless under exceptional circumstances, could also be subject to similar disciplinary action.

Members not complying with these rules leave themselves and the club open to disciplinary action by ENGLAND GOLF and are also liable for suspension from club competitions for a period of time and any further sanction the Committee feel appropriate. The Committee's decision is final.

We trust all members will support these rules, ensuring that all handicaps allocated represent the true playing ability of the member concerned and that members remain considerate of their responsibilities to their fellow members at all times.


5 DAY MEMBERS are not allowed to enter weekend Medal, Stableford or Board competitions with the exception of KNOCK OUT COMPETITIONS which, as they are played over the full week, 5 DAY MEMBERS can enter but may have to pay a Green Fee if the match is played at the weekend and other competitions as specified by invitation.


Mobile phones are not allowed to be used on the course except in a case of emergency.


The Rules of Golf allow the use of any type of distance measuring device in normal and competition play. It is important that the device only measures distance. When an application that measures distance has been downloaded to a device other than a specialised DMD, the use of the device must be restricted to provide only distance information. It is a breach of rule 14-3 if other features on the device that could gauge or measure other conditions, such as wind speed, temperature or gradient are used.  


Buggies are only allowed in Monthly Medal and Stableford competitions but dispensation on medical grounds may be sought from the committee if you would like to use buggies in any other competition.


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